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1 month ago

"Before a child talks they sing, before they write they draw. As soon as they stand they dance. Art is fundamental to human expression." Phylicia Rashad 🙂
#PhoenixDanceMusic #art #dance #music ... See more

1 month ago

Whenever you see our banner you'll know that we are on-site! Ask the front desk to find us if you have any questions about dance and music classes!

2 months ago
Attending live concerts increases life expectancy, improves well-being more than yoga, dog-walking, study finds | 98.7WFMT

Live longer by attending our show Phoenix Dance 2019! 😀 Study supports our claim: ... See more

A new study conducted by O2, a company which owns some of United Kingdom’s largest music venues, and Patrick Fagan claims that attending live concerts can help increase life expectancy and improve ... See more

3 months ago

Please make time for this meaningful event!

Hello there, Just a friendly reminder that "my artist collective" Indigenous Women Artists" are showcasing our art at Gallery Gachet for our Exhibition "Reclaiming our Roots". The show opens Friday ... See more

3 months ago

Phoenix Dance & Music School - Van West Kerrisdale Marpole Oakridge Surrey Phoenix Dance & Music School Guildford Phoenix Dance and Music School - Richmond 凤凰舞蹈音乐学校-列治文 WV ... See more

3 months ago
Lady Gaga Transformers Bad Romance MMD レディー·ガガ変圧バッドロマンスMMD

Adding some robot to your morning work out routine 🙂


I didn't make any of the assets in this vid. I merely directed it. If you can learn Mario Paint then you CAN MAKE VIDS LIKE THIS! VERY SOON MY MODELS, ALL MY...

3 months ago
Surrey Phoenix Dance & Music School Guildford

You should always listen to a unicorn.

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