Latin Dance – Kyryl Dudchenko

Kyryl Dudchenko has started dancing back in Ukraine when he was 7 years old. He has undergone an extensive training by many distinguished teachers and coaches in both Latin American and Standard programs as well as supplementary basic training in ballet.

He has competed in numerous DanceSport competitions all over Eastern and Western Europe as well as in North America, at first representing Ukraine and then Canada (in 2000), on international and local DanceSport arena. While competing he has maintained highest amateur ranking as well as participated in the Canadian national TV show, “Dancing at the Palais”.

As an amateur he has been dancing and competing for 13 years. In 2002, after being accepted to Simon Fraser University, Kyryl has made a choice to become professional and to teach while doing his undergraduate degree in Criminology and Legal Studies. However, even upon completion of his studies he has decided to continue his career as a professional dance instructor and since then has been teaching and coaching competitors of all ages in both Latin and Standard divisions.