Founder, Principal & Artistic Director – Siting Yin

斯婷 – 校长

中国林业部文工团员、中国国家二级演员、中国舞考级专业老师。从五岁至今, 一直 从事专业的舞蹈学习、表演、教学, 及编导工作。舞蹈功底深厚、编导创意独特、教学经验丰富。移民温哥华后创立舞蹈音乐学校,曾为中央、省、市等多个艺术团及晚会担任 编导及演员。


  • 2002 中央电视台“心连心”艺术团、
  • 2006 黑龙江国际生态旅游节、
  • 2009 中央电视台《沃土》晚会舞蹈编导、
  • 2015 大型音乐剧《梦回江南》等。


  • 凤凰艺术教育(董事长)
  • 凤凰舞蹈音乐学校(校长)
  • 加拿大华谊文化艺术交流会(会长)
  • 北美艺术家协会(副会长)


Siting – Principal

A dancer and choreographer, Siting is designed a National Second-Level Performer by China.   She has been a choreographer and dancer for numerous national, provincial, and municipal level performance troupes and gala events.  For example, she has performed in the 2002 China Central Television (CCTV) “Heart to Heart” performance troupe, the 2006 Heilongjiang International Eco-Tourism Festival, the 2009 CCTV “Rich Soil” gala event, the 2015 international musical production “Dreams of Jiangnan”, etc.  Siting has been learning dance since age 5 and has developed a solid dance foundation, unique choreography skills, and rich dance teaching experience.  After immigrating to Vancouver, Siting established the Vancouver Phoenix International Academy of Dance, which offers dance classes for children, youth, and adults.