“There is nothing better than running up a hillside while singing your heart out.”

Benefit of
learning Chorus

  • Chorus art can enlighten the mind. For children, it can cultivate their collectivism and enhance their sense of cooperation. Through long-term training and activities, the minds of students can be purified. Students can experience truth, goodness and beauty through singing.
  • Chorus is a group art that requires a strong team spirit and sense of responsibility. The children in the choir are very disciplined and good at communicating with others.
  • Learn to listen: chorus members have to listen to the pitch of the piano all the time, listen to the requirements of the conductor, listen to the singing of other parts and their own parts in order to decide how to sing by themselves. As many masters have said, the key to chorus is not to sing but to listen.

Learn to Respect

Learn to respect: The process of chorus training is also a process of mutual respect among people. There are mutually respectful and cooperative relations between members and members, voice parts and voice parts, members and conductors, choirs and accompaniments.