Tap Dance

Tap dancing is relatively open and free, without many restrictions. In the tap dance performance, the performer wears special tap dance shoes and uses various parts of the foot to rub and slap on the floor to make various tap sounds. Coupled with the various graceful dance moves of the dancers, it forms the unique humor and witty characteristics of tap dance. It is a very charming dance.


The Charm of
Tap Dance

Tap dancing is a very interesting sport, more entertaining, open and challenging. It feels light, lively, free and full of rhythm. When dancing tap, people use their brains to control their limbs, especially the various parts of the feet that requires to tap following the rhythm. Therefore, people’s thinking and coordination abilities can be exercised, and memory can be enhanced.


Angus Young

“Once you’re on stage you can’t go back, even when things go wrong people expect you to stay there and entertain them. When all else fails, you’ve got to try tap dancing.”