Vocal Music

“The soul is like a violin string: it makes music only when it is stretched.” by Neal A. Maxwell Quotes


Benefit of
learn to sing

  • It requires the cooperation of various parts of the human body for vocal music training, such as breathing, deep breath controlled by the diaphragm, etc. During vocal training, inhaling and exhaling will naturally promote the circulation of Qi and blood, which is definitely beneficial to the body. The same is true for the contraction of the waist and abdomen muscles, the resonance of the cavity and the organ pipe.
  • It can improve people’s aesthetics: No matter what songs, they are closely related to our life and emotions. In songs, we can experience various emotions such as joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness. In imperceptible influence, our habits and viewpoints in aesthetic will be cultivated.
  • There are no fixed occasions for singing, and there are no too many restrictions. Children, teenagers, and elderly people can sing. People can sing when they are walking, standing or sitting. Your body is the music instrument in your whole life. It is convenient that people can sing wherever they go.


Rasheed Ogunlaru

It does not need to be perfect – or technically correct – to be magic

People have different voices, as well as good or bad timbre. The voice can be clear, melodious, hoarse, and etc. Learning vocal music can enable students to learn to use the voice and throat scientifically and protect the vocal cords.