Dance is the hidden language of the soul.



Founder, Artistic Director, Teacher
Born to a family of artists, she started dance at age 5. As a teenager, she was a junior cultural ambassdor performing in Russia, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, etc.

As a graduate of professional dance  university, she became the Artistic Director and dancer in many national and local dance troupes.

Performances include 2002 CCTV “Heart to Heart” ,2006 Heilongjiang International Eco-tourism festival, 2009 CCTV 60th anniversary of China’s art show “Fertile Soil”, and 2015 major musical Dream Jiangnan, etc.

Hui Wang


Hui Wang Majoring in professional dance at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in GuangZhou province, Hui has a wealth of stage performance and instructional experience. She is a fixture performer at multiple television stations and various provincial and national level shows. While in school, Hui was the winner of provincial dance competitions. Hui choreographs dance numbers and coaches many dance teams, many of which have received awards of the highest honour.


Michelle is a professional dancer, currently based in Vancouver, B.C. as a freelancer and dance teacher. She embodies over 10 years of experience dancing RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) and a rich library of dances (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Swing, Tap), of which she has been teaching since 2017. Her performance repertoire includes Oliver! (Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation), The Sleeping Beauty (Hong Kong Ballet Group), Paquita (Inspired Dance Company), A Chorus Line (Hong Kong Dance Awards) and so forth.

Michelle values the development and growth of every dance student, making sure to give hands-on individual corrections. She emphasises on the importance of good technique and coordination as the foundation of every dancer, but also believes that to be a good dancer, musicality, rhythm, flow, character and expression is fundamental. She hopes to nurture dancers of all ages to be all-rounded and versatile.