Our Story

Phoenix Dance and Music School (“Phoenix”) is founded by young dance performance artist SiTing as President and Artistic Director. Having learned dancing since the age of five, SiTing possesses superb technical skills and exquisite artistic expression. SiTing and her students have received invitations to participate on numerous occasions across British Columbia, performing at celebrations and festivals to great success.

Mission Statement

With a mission to establish an extensive professional dance school, Phoenix now has campuses in Richmond, Burnaby (Metrotown), Surrey (Guildford), and soon to be in North Vancouver. Phoenix offers dance and music classes for students from ages 3 to 93.


Our students come from all over Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Phoenix teaches a myriad of dance styles including preschool dance lessons (introduction to professional dance), Ballet and Chinese dance with examination, Tap dance, Hip Hop, Korean pop (KPOP), Jazz, Standard Ballroom, Latin, Hawaiian Hula, Tahitian, Belly Dance, and so on. Phoenix also offers body conditional classes such as Posture Class, Yoga, Ballet fit, and Pilates.


Our music school offers classes such as guitar (all types), piano, choral / voice, bass, ukulele, violin, drums, rock band ensemble, Guzheng, ErHu and so on. We aim to enrich children, youth and adults with arts, health and culture. Our further goal is go beyond professional dance and music instruction to include afocus on giving back to the community. Over the years, we have led our students to take part in community events and activities, making an impact not only in the Chinese community but also in the mainstream society.

Chinese dance refers to traditional Chinese dance. Five thousand years ago, primitive dances already appeared in China.

Chinese Dance

Ba Lei is transliterated from French "ballet". This is a light, soothing and elegant dance. It takes a long time for people to learn ballet.


Jazz dance, namely, American modern dance, is a kind of dance with fast movements and dynamic rhythm.


Hip-hop of South Korea is currently the most popular dance. It originated from the improvisational dance of American street dancers


Street dance, also known as HIP-HOP, comes from street dance performed by black people. Therefore, it has another name STREET FUNK.


Tap dancing is relatively open and free, without many restrictions. In the tap dance performance, the performer wears special tap dance shoes

Tap Dance

Modern dance is a broad genre of western concert or theatrical dance, primarily arising out of Germany and the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Modern Dance

Latin dance is a general term for folk dances, which originated from Latin American, and has been improved by modern dancers and spread to all over the world.

Latin Dance

Chorus art can enlighten the mind. For children, it can cultivate their collectivism and enhance their sense of cooperation.


Learning to play drums can make children more outgoing. For active children, his kinetic energy can be released by beating the drum with drumsticks.


The movement of finger is the foundation of children's intellectual development. It requires the movement of both hands when learning to play the guitar, which can improve the flexibility of each finger.
Learning violin will make you contact more classical culture, which includes not only music, but also art, literature and so on.


It is conducive to improving personal accomplishment and cultural quality - Cultivate a rigorous and down-to-earth learning attitude


It requires the cooperation of various parts of the human body for vocal music training, such as breathing, deep breath controlled by the diaphragm

Vocal Music

Students Shout Out