Phoenix Dance School

Phoenix Dance School was founded by the young dance performance artist, Ms. Stina, who also serves as the school’s principal and artistic director. Ms. Stina began her dance journey in childhood, possessing a strong foundation in dance techniques and profound artistic expression. Both she and the students at the school have been invited on numerous occasions to participate in various events, celebrations, and festival performances within the province of British Columbia, achieving outstanding results.

The mission of Phoenix Dance School is to establish a comprehensive dance academy that provides high-quality artistic education services to students of all ages and various artistic disciplines. The school offers graded courses in Chinese dance and ballet, as well as a variety of courses such as Korean dance, Latin dance, yoga, and posture training. These courses are designed to enable students to achieve holistic improvements in physical and mental well-being, temperament, and artistic expertise.

In addition to professional education, Phoenix Dance School places a strong emphasis on giving back to the community. Since its inception, the school has led its students in participating in various charitable activities, actively promoting the dissemination and development of dance art. This demonstration of social responsibility has not only earned the school a good reputation within the Chinese community but has also made a positive impact in mainstream society.

Professional Dance Arts Planning

Phoenix Dance School focuses on offering a variety of dance arts planning, including ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, improvisational, and modern dance. Our goal is to assist talented young dancers in standing out when applying to Ivy League schools.

Through artistic works, we enrich personal supplementary materials, significantly enhancing the chances of being admitted to world-renowned universities. Some well-known Ivy League schools and prestigious universities around the world that are suitable for applying with dance works include:

Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS)

Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) is one of the world’s premier ballet training institutions, alongside renowned schools such as the Royal Ballet School in London, the American Ballet Theatre in New York, and the Paris Opera Ballet School. NBS is the only institution in North America that offers professional dance training, high school education, and residential programs all on one campus. Its advanced educational and training programs provide students with a range of skills that make them creative and confident individuals, regardless of their chosen careers. Approximately 700 students participate in NBS training programs each week.

Royal Winnipeg Ballet School

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was established in 1939 and is one of the oldest dance academies in North America. It has received the distinguished honor of a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth II. Over its 80-plus years, the school has continued to grow and is ranked among the top 14 dance schools globally. The school’s students have garnered numerous accolades in international competitions, and its graduates are in high demand in the professional dance industry.

York University

The York University AMPD Dance program in Canada aims to inspire, develop, and enhance creative and critical thinking, fostering deep reflection and intellectual learning. This comprehensive dance program, the largest in Canada, prepares innovative, thoughtful, and articulate dance professionals to become leaders in various settings.

Dance students begin with a common first-year curriculum and then branch into one of two streams based on their interests and goals: Choreography/Performance and Dance Education. Upper-year students have the opportunity to audition for the resident company, York Dance Ensemble. They also gain practical training in dance lighting design, embrace emerging media, and integrate technology into their dance practices. Their professional experience expands through field placements, collaborative research, and guest teaching.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts offers unique, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural dance programs in contemporary dance training, choreography, and performance. These programs cater to imaginative dance artists of today, seeking individuals interested in exploring various and creative approaches to contemporary movement and composition. Students are challenged to reshape the contemporary dance landscape and expand their versatility.

The curriculum is designed for individuals with training from so-called “classical,” “modern,” or “contemporary” studio backgrounds, as well as those engaged in movement practices beyond these normative forms. Studio courses provide theoretical approaches to training, utilizing a variety of methods and techniques, and integrating into courses on composition, improvisation, collaboration, and performance.

The Juilliard School

Bennington College
Graduate Programs located in Bennington, USA

California Institute of the Arts
School of Dance located in Valencia, USA

California State University, Long Beach
College of the Arts

Florida State University
School of Visual Arts, Theater & Dance located in Tallahassee, USA

Goddard College
Graduate Programs located in Plainfield, USA

Hollins University
Graduate Programs located in Roanoke, USA

Mills College
Graduate Studies located in Oakland, USA

Minnesota State University, Mankato
College of Arts & Humanities located in Mankato, USA

New York University
Tisch School of the Arts located in New York, USA

Pratt Institute School of Art & Design
Located in Brooklyn, USA

Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover – Hanover University of Music, Theater, and Media (Germany)

Berlin University of the Arts – Berlin University of the Arts (Germany)

Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg – Hamburg University of Music and Theater (Germany)

Royal College of Music – Royal College of Music (United Kingdom)

Our dance planning helps students showcase their unique artistic charm, enabling them to shine in the Ivy League school application process and increase their chances of admission. Whether it’s ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, improvisational, or modern dance, we are committed to providing students with the highest quality dance education and personalized artistic planning.