K-Pop dance is a vital element of South Korean popular culture that combines modern pop music with innovative dance routines. With styles ranging from cute and lively to uniquely sensual, it offers a diverse spectrum of expressions. K-Pop has garnered an enthusiastic global fanbase and become a cultural phenomenon beloved by the younger generation worldwide.

The Allure of K-Pop Dance

VP Dance’s K-Pop dance courses stay up-to-date with the latest dance trends, breaking down popular routines from leading South Korean groups like New Jeans, Black Pink, BTS, Twice, and more. Over approximately two months of learning, you will be able to master a complete dance routine. Whether you are a dance enthusiast or looking to showcase your dance skills, this course offers a valuable learning opportunity.

  • K-Pop dances are built upon the foundation of South Korean pop culture songs. If you love K-Pop, your enthusiasm will be your best teacher!
  • ​Many popular K-Pop dances have simplified versions, making it easy for beginners to track their progress and inspire them to dive in.
  • ​In the era of K-Pop idols, who wouldn’t want to dance like a member of a girl or boy group? This course is particularly well-suited for girls.

The Most Popular K-Pop Dances of 2023

  • Pink Venom. BLACKPINK.
  • Queencard. (G)I-DLE.
  • OMG. NewJeans.
  • Secrets. Paul Damixie.
  • Sugar Rush Ride. TOMORROW X TOGETHER.
  • I AM. IVE.
  • VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS) TAEYANG, Jimin.